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The employers' organization for
SMEs in the metal industry

Koninklijke Metaalunie is the largest Dutch employers' organization for small and medium-sized enterprises active in the metal industry. The more than 15,000 affiliated members offer work to approximately 180,000 employees and jointly represent a turnover of more than 35 billion euros.

Metaalunie focuses its activities on companies active in the metal industry in different sectors such as machine and equipment construction, the manufacture of metals, measuring and control technology, electronics, engineering, welding and construction work, tools, casting, yacht building, machining, sheet-metal working, agricultural mechanisation, overhauls and maintenance and trade and service.

Business culture
Metaalunie companies have a business culture as their main characteristic. They are nearly all managed by sole traders or directors who are (full or partial) owners. Doing business is based on an emotional commitment and, therefore, the relationships with employees and clients are close. Innovations are implemented on the work floor and achieved quickly.

Smartly organised
Metaalunie employees jointly promote the interests of SMEs in the metal industry AND related sectors. Members will not have dealings with every one of them, but nearly all employees still work directly for the businessperson. Metaalunie is a decisive organization that works effectively and efficiently. Every vote counts. There are 300 regional and national administrative seats and, therefore, the corporate sector has full control. This makes Koninklijke Metaalunie into an organization of and for the true corporate sector.

Other services

Collective lobbying
It is virtually impossible for an individual businessperson to influence legislation and regulations and to initiate a new policy. Koninklijke Metaalunie has been lobbying for the collective interests of Dutch SMEs active in the metal industry in the name of the business community for more than 100 years. Because Metaalunie is directly involved in and has a seat in many national and political consultation bodies, it works on ensuring a healthy business climate for all SMEs in the Netherlands.

Political influence
Metaalunie is an important factor in Dutch politics. Its reputation and extensive members guarantee that politicians listen to the businessperson who is active in the metal industry. The most visible collective lobbying in a social area concerns the conclusion of collective bargaining agreements. Reducing the administrative burden, adjusting the occupational health and safety and the environment policy, stimulating exports and innovation and ensuring a better harmonisation between education and the labour market are also important collective items to be addressed.

Cross-border interests
Collective lobbying transcends far across our borders. The corporate sector, after all, must deal with international developments, legislation and rules. Koninklijke Metaalunie, therefore, also represents Dutch SMEs that are active in the metal industry in Europe.

Individual lobbying
In addition to collective lobbying, individual member advice is one of the key tasks of Koninklijke Metaalunie. The market, legislation and regulations are becoming ever more complex and, therefore, members can approach Metaalunie when they have questions related to the social legal, corporate legal, administrative law, commercial and taxation fields. This may, for example, concern issues such as general terms and conditions, salary calculations, dismissal issues and business succession. Field staff members are the first point of contact for the corporate sector in ten Metaalunie districts. They maintain personal contact.

Member benefits
Metaalunie provides access to discounts and favourable rates for occupational health and safety care, collections, courses and training, insurance, improvement of operational management and legal representation (this is not an exhaustive list). Fuel, workwear and postal shipment discounts are also available.

Koninklijke Metaalunie members can also participate in branches. These branches lobby for the economic/technical interests of a specific homogenous business group. A joint approach to branch-specific issues produces benefits that a businessperson can never achieve on his or her own. Changes in supply and outsourcing relationships, moreover, force businesspeople to work in partnership. More than 40 branches, associations and foundations are managed under the Metaalunie banner. They fit in perfectly with broad, collective and individual Metaalunie lobbying. The Metaalunie organization acts as a facilitator for the branches and they have their own board and chairperson.

The diversity of the work linked to SMEs that are active in the metal industry is extensive. Many members are part of supply and outsourcing chains as suppliers with regard to all of the disciplines. Koninklijke Metaalunie is increasing awareness of the corporate sector about important changes in supply and outsourcing patterns through specific activities. This ensures that the corporate sector can anticipate on relevant developments before they are confronted with the effects they produce. Koninklijke Metaalunie can take this position because of its extensive knowledge of the companies in the sector and its professional organization.

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